FAQ (frequently asked questions)

1. What is basic standard coding?

When we say basic standard coding, some people get nervous. We are not changing any coding or writing any custom code at all. All we are doing is turning on options that already exist in your car, but were not turned for cars made for the United States Market. The only thing we do is turn on options for which your car already has settings.


2. Will basic standard coding void my warranty?

Standard basic coding will not void your warranty. All we are doing is turning on features that were not enabled for the US Market. Your car already has these features and we are just turning them on.


3. Will I ever lose the coding?

The only way you will lose your coding is if the dealer has to do a software update, which is very rare. There are times when the dealer will face an issue and have to do a software update, similar to a recall. Also, some aftermarket products, such as alarms, require coding by the dealer, and may cause the coding to be wiped out. If this happens to you, we will re-code your car at half our normal rate.


4. I already have a few things coded on my car, will your coding erase them?

Our coding is done one at a time, so you will not lose any pre-existing coding features you have turned on.


5. How long does coding take?

The way our coding works is we do an initial assessment meeting and the coding usually takes from 1-2 hours. This includes testing the features and showing you how your new options work at the end.


6. Where are you located?

BimmersCoding.com is  located in Brooklyn, NY. You can come to our location in Brooklyn, or if you are close by, we can go to your location. We also offer remote coding services by mailing you the wire harness and connecting via wifi.


7. A feature I want is not available for my car. Why?

BMW offers a wide variety of models and series. BMW does not offer a list of available features for their cars, it is up to enthusiasts to find and share these features through online communities. Therefore, some models do not have certain options available. We will discuss this more during our initial meeting.


8. I found a cool feature online. Will you code it?

We can review your request and if it is a case of simply turning on a feature, yes, we’ll be happy to turn it on. If, however, it is a case of non-standard custom coding it may harm your BMW and will not code it. We will not take a risk that may damage your car.


9. Does it matter if my car is an E Series of F Series?

BMW refers to their models by their chassis code. We will discuss which series your car is during our conversation as the E & F series require a different cable and software.